Trump Endorses Controversial Plan To Use Military Against Mexican Cartels

NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 28 2015: Businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference at Trump Tower to unveil his comprehensive tax reform plan.

( – Former President Donald Trump has endorsed a controversial plan to use the U.S. military in order to combat the ongoing invasion of cartels across the southern border. The proposal from Reps. Michael Waltz (R-FL) and Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) would grant the U.S. military authority to use their offensive capabilities against Mexican drug cartels.

Speaking exclusively with Breitbart News Trump simply said, “I would do that” when asked about the proposal. Trump had previously expressed similar sentiments in a video release, though this is the first time he’s commented on the proposed legislation.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador opposes the measure, and has even threatened to interfere in the 2024 election to help Democrats in response. He called the idea “irresponsible” and offensive in March.

Trump told Breitbart in their interview last week that he had a good working relationship with Obrador, calling him a “gentleman” while also calling him a socialist. He stated his belief that should he be reelected, he’d be able to work out an arrangement with Mexico to use U.S. military assets to destroy the cartels.

Trump additionally called the southern border crisis “an invasion,” saying it was “very bad for our country.” If re-elected he would stop it and it would be one of his first major actions when back in office, Trump said.

Trump’s Remain-In-Mexico plan was one of his more impactful policies which arranged for asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while waiting for their claims to be processed rather than released in the U.S. which is what the Biden administration has been doing to the tune of millions of migrants.

Waltz said his proposal would open up the use of space and cyber assets in the fight against Mexico, things that border patrol and local law enforcement simply don’t have. He would like to see cyber assets deployed on the offensive to get inside cartel networks and disrupt their ability to engage in criminal activities.

Additionally, they expected strike teams and limited use of force to take down cartel leadership. He pointed to Bill Clinton’s use of the military to dismantle the Columbian drug cartels in the 1990s as a relevant precedent.

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