Trump Fires Off Insults At Fake News And Ron DeSantis

( –  Donald Trump took to his platform Truth Social to lambast the financial difficulties of major media companies including the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. Calling them “fake news media” in a series of short videos he pointed out how their inability to accurately and honestly report the truth has caused their audience to dry up.

Quipping up his standard Trump-style insults, he pointed out that major media corporations are closing offices and laying off employees. “CNN is shuttering its longtime headquarters building and the money-losing Washington Post is being peddled all over to see whether or not somebody wants to buy it,” Trump said in the video. Continuing he pointed out that the “future of fake news looks bleak” and that’s a good thing. He elaborated on the dangers of “Marxists and communists” and said they were “well represented in our government.” He added that the “fake news” aided their rise to power and thus it must be constantly opposed.

He’s got his facts right. On Dec 1st, 2022 CNN laid off hundreds of its staff, and earlier in January it was announced they intended to shutter their Atlanta headquarters, the CNN Center.

“It’s very simple; no ratings equal no money,” Trump said in another video post. Continuing he pointed out people are tired of “fake news” and aren’t watching it as much causing their funding to dry up.

Breitbart reported similar cuts at the Washington Post (or the Washington Compost as Trump jokingly called it) laid off twenty of their staff while terminating their features on gaming and other youth-targeted content. Reports from anonymous insiders seem to confirm Trump’s allegation that Jeff Bezos is looking to sell the paper, despite his public claims to the contrary.

It wasn’t only the media Trump had harsh words for, he took aim at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his anticipated sole rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, calling him a “RINO Globalist” while reminding folks he too locked down Florida for a period of time and promoted experimental injections. Does that seem hypocritical coming from the guy who took endless credit for Operation Warp Speed?

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