Shane Bouvet, a FedEx worker and single father from Illinois, barely had enough money to make it to Washington, D.C. to see Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The 24-year-old supporter had sacrificed his time to volunteer on behalf of Trump, and his efforts landed him an invitation to one of the inaugural balls. Unfortunately, Bouvet was worried that he wouldn’t be able to afford a proper suit for the event. A friend intervened, bought him a suit, and got him some shoes to wear to the ball.

All of this was profiled in the Washington Post, and that’s where the president-elect himself saw the story.

Trump, impressed and honored by Bouvet’s dedication, offered the young father a special invitation to come backstage at the Inauguration Concert and meet with him personally.

“This is the greatest guy,” Trump said on Thursday as he shook hands with Bouvet.

Trump spent a few minutes signing autographs for Bouvet and his 4-year-old son. He even spoke to Bouvet’s father on the phone, complimenting him on his name.

“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump said. “You have a good boy.”

But if a special invitation to meet the next president wasn’t enough, Trump went even further in the closing moments of their encounter. As Bouvet prepared to head back into the crowd, Trump told an aide, “Send him a check for $10,000.”

Bouvet, with tears in his eyes, walked away muttering in wonder: “Did that just happen?”

We’re left wondering the same thing. How could a monster like Donald Trump do something so gracious and generous? This guy is American Hitler, we thought. The symbol of fascism, taking root in our great democracy. A lying, sexist, racist idiot who cares only about himself. Why would a man like that do something like this? It makes no sense.

But see, there’s that pesky truth coming out. No matter how hard the liberal media tries to cover it up, it always seems to rise to the surface. And when we finally dig past all the lies and biases, we see Donald Trump for who he really is. A perfect man? No, not hardly. But a man who cares deeply about this country and about the millions of Americans who have been left behind by globalization and liberal promises? Yes. That we see over and over again.