(TotalConservative.com) – In another odd rant on Truth Social, the social media site founded by Trump himself, the former president takes aim at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis once again. This time, Trump called DeSantis a “WHEELCHAIR OVER HE CLIFF KIND OF GUY” after accusing him of intending to cut Medicare benefits and Social Security by raising the minimum age to 70.

In the rant posted on Truth Social on Tuesday, the 76-year-old former president wrote that “great poll numbers are springing forth for your favorite President, me, against Ron DeSanctus (& Biden).” Not every poll agrees with Trump’s assessment, though, and it’s clear he recognizes DeSantis is the greatest threat to winning the GOP nomination.

Trump announced his campaign in November, meanwhile, DeSantis seems to be holding off on the announcement although he’s dropped various hints that he plans to run, including his latest book in which he details the battles he fought running the State of Florida and how these policies can be applied to the rest of the nation.

On February 18, Trump said DeSanis loves “Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and Karl Rove,” all of whom he described as “disasters.” He also called DeSantis “a RINO in disguise” and said his poll numbers are “dropping like a rock.” He accused DeSantis of being backed by the “Globalist’s Club for NO Growth, Lincoln Pervert Project, & ‘Uninspired’ Koch.”

Since Trump entered the race, a few other Republicans have jumped in to challenge him, including his former UN Ambassador and the former North Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Although Haley hasn’t directly criticized her former boss, she says that Washington is in need of “a new generation of leadership,” citing the old age of President Biden, 80, and implying Trump, 76, is also too old.

Haley also claims she poses the greatest threat to the identity politics of the “woke” left because of her Indian heritage as well as being a woman, which fellow Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy believes is just her playing the same identity politics game as the left.

Trump clearly doesn’t see Haley as much of a threat as DeSantis, who seems to be his primary target and he will undoubtedly keep coming for the Florida governor.

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