You’ll probably recall the disgusted shock on the faces of our news-gatherers on the night of the 2016 election when they realized that not only was Donald Trump going to be the 45th President of the United States, but that he’d accomplished that feat with an extraordinary slice of the Hispanic vote. After months of promising the American people that the candidacy of Trump was a disaster for the Republican Party, which was going to lose the Hispanic vote for a very long time to come, the media was chagrined and baffled to see that Trump actually did better with Hispanics than the last guy: 2012 nominee Mitt Romney.

So much for that fabled Republican “autopsy,” which advised the party to embrace immigration in order to win back Latino voters. Washington’s conventional wisdom was wrong. Again.

Well, it turns out that Hispanic voters who pulled the lever for Trump were not just dumb race-traitors who were too busy “trying to be white” to pay attention to the left’s hysterical warnings. Actually, it turns out that they saw a bright future ahead of them with a president who had the background, the know-how, and the determination to make our country’s economy great again. And indeed, economically-speaking, Hispanic-Americans have never had a better president than Donald J. Trump.

According to the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and the Hispanic Wealth Project, American Latinos have seen their incomes rise for the third year straight and they’ve watched their workplace participation rate rise in conjunction with the growing economy.

From the Washington Examiner:

In two studies just released, the groups also provided revealing details about Latinos and their growth in America. For example, by 2060, nearly one of every three in the U.S. will identify as Latino.

The reports detailed Hispanic housing and economic trends and found most signs better under Trump.

What’s more, the group’s goal of nudging overall Hispanic income up is showing signs of success. The group said that within the next five years, Hispanic median income will triple.

To state the (overwhelmingly) obvious for anyone who isn’t eaten up with the idiocy of identity politics, President Trump has no issue with Hispanics. Trump put his slogan as plainly as he could: America First. That means everyone who is a citizen of this great nation. Smart Latinos understood the difference between illegal aliens and themselves, even as the media tried their best to conflate the two. And now they – along with everyone else – are enjoying the fruits of their wisdom.