Trump Shares SHOCKING Message Online

( – While Americans were gearing up to celebrate America’s Independence, Donald Trump spent the wee hours of July 4 anger posting on Truth Social, Mediaite reported.

According to Mediaite, Trump “re-truthed” a meme in the early hours of Independence Day showing a flag that read “F*ck Biden.” The meme creator claimed that despite Biden receiving 81 million votes, he had never seen anyone in a pro-Biden shirt or hat and never saw a pro-Biden flag.

In his post, Trump added, “True: No Biden hats anywhere. Never seen one!”

Trump’s habit of posting reckless things on Truth Social appears to have led to potentially dangerous consequences last week.

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that on the same day Trump posted what he claimed was former President Barack Obama’s home address in Washington DC, a Trump supporter with a van full of guns and ammo who “re-truthed” the post was arrested near the Obama home.

Taylor Taranto, 37, one of the participants in the January 6 riot at the Capitol, was arrested last Wednesday in Washington DC after being spotted entering the secure zone around the Obamas’ home.

Taranto, who had driven from Washington state to the nation’s capital, had been living in a van in which police found two guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

According to prosecutors, on the day of his arrest, Taranto “re-truthed” a Trump post that included what Trump claimed what the Washington DC address of the Obamas.

Taranto wrote in a Telegram post that the “losers” were surrounded, and told Obama and former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, “See you in hell.” In a live stream on YouTube, Taranto told his followers that he was scoping the area to get a “good angle on a shot,” according to prosecutors.

Two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press last week that Taranto had an open warrant on charges related to his involvement in the January 6 riot.

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