President Trump’s bold decision to take military action against the Assad regime in Syria is being met with praise from across the political spectrum and from around the international community.

Finally, we have a president willing to put his money where his mouth is. We once again have a president who isn’t afraid to push his agenda to the side and take care of business. We have a president who won’t let vague worries about “but what happens next?” keep him from taking the action necessary.

But while Assad, Putin, and the Islamic thugs in Iran are reeling from the show of force, there’s another madman who should be paying very close attention: Kim Jong Un. Thursday’s strikes had nothing to do with North Korea, but they sent a message to Pyongyang nonetheless. Want to keep threatening the U.S. with a nuclear attack? Maybe you should recognize that things in Washington have changed.


For the last eight years, Barack Obama played a game of “strategic patience” with North Korea, allowing them to expand their nuclear capabilities in the void of leadership.

Those days are over.

Trump signaled Thursday that he’s willing to use the force of the U.S. military to protect human rights, human life, and the interests of the United States.

Kim Jong Un should think about that before he launches another missile into the Sea of Japan.