Protesters have plagued the Donald Trump campaign for months, and a handful of incidents have given the media a license to characterize the Republican frontrunner as someone who condones and encourages violence. Never mind that this narrative is at odds with reality; the media is never going to admit that it’s the protesters themselves that cause 99% of the problems. If there is violence at a Trump rally – no matter who started it – the blame goes to Trump and his supporters.

Now three of those protesters are taking their hatred of Trump to court. Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah, and Henry Brousseau of Louisville, KY, have filed suit against Trump, his campaign, and two of his supporters for what allegedly happened at a rally on March 1. They claim that they were shoved and even punched as they were led out of the arena.

“Peaceful protest is an American tradition, especially in the context of presidential politics,” said an attorney for the plaintiffs. “But what you see all over the country, time and time again, is violence employed against protestors at Trump campaign events. These plaintiffs are saying ‘enough is a enough.'”

According to the complaint, the three plaintiffs were protesting when Trump said, “Get them out.” In the court filing, the plaintiffs say that Trump, by using those words, was encouraging his supporters to forcibly remove them.

“Each time he said ‘get them out,’ Trump intended for his supporters to use unwanted, harmful physical violence to remove protesters,” the plaintiffs argue.

Uh, not really? Anyone who has been to one of his rallies or has seen footage on TV can come to the blindingly-obvious conclusion that Trump is talking to security officials when he uses that phrase. He’s not telling the others in attendance to jump on them and push them out of the arena.

Furthermore, while peaceful protest may be an “American tradition,” there is no law that says you have the right to interrupt a private event. These leftists come to these rallies looking for trouble, and they get exactly what they wanted. They get the press, they get the money in many cases, and now they get to twist the courts to their advantage.

Look, this isn’t to condone violence, but this is getting out of hand. Can Trump sue the city of Chicago for allowing hundreds of idiot leftists to create a situation so unsafe that he was forced to cancel a rally? Can he sue the mainstream media for inciting this violence with their misleading and outright deceptive coverage of his campaign?

Liberals just can’t stand that the American people are excited about a Republican. This is something that most of them have never seen before, having not been around when Ronald Reagan was the very symbol of this country’s greatness. Raised in a liberal bubble that regards the Republican Party as a cultural evil, they have no idea what to do about someone like Trump.

Trump may not be the first choice for many hardcore conservatives, but you have to admit: it’s fun to watch these libs squirm.