Trump Supporters Show Their Solidarity

( – Following the guilty verdict handed down to former President Donald Trump in New York City by a Manhattan jury, the public not only responded by boosting the former president’s campaign coffers immediately after but also showed solidarity symbolically to Trump by flipping their United States flags upside down across the nation.

The action taken by many Americans serves to symbolize a mass protest not only against the verdict but also against what they perceive as the weaponization of the justice system against Trump, something he and others have reminded the public could happen to anyone. In fact, Trump said in his first interview after the news broke, which was with “Fox & Friends Weekend,” that if the Democratic Party and those aligned with it in the legal system weren’t going after him, they would “be going after somebody else.”

Right after the conviction, someone was even spotted outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan waving the upside-down American flag. Trump Tower is where the former president went immediately after the guilty verdict was handed down for falsifying business records in order to cover up hush money payments to hide alleged affairs leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Aside from all of the everyday people posting their upside-down flags, Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., as well as his daughter-in-law, Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump, were sharing images on their social media page posted by Americans across the nation flying it in solidarity. Longtime Trump supporter Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia also shared a picture of the inverted flag, which drew millions of views and replies.

On Sunday, June 2, Trump appeared on Fox News for his first interview following the verdict announcement and said his “success” in November will be his “revenge.” When asked about the possibility of going to jail, the former president said he was “OK with it” although he also believes that most Americans would not stand for it and warned that there could be backlash if he’s put on house arrest or thrown in jail.

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