Activist organizations like Judicial Watch have been frustrated with the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s still-unreleased emails. While these groups expected the frustrating stonewall they received from the Obama administration, they’ve been taken aback by the new crew at the State Department. Indeed, little has changed.

Now, the president is apparently intervening.

According to the Washington Times, the White House has been privately pressuring the State Department to pick up the pace on releasing those emails. A source told the Times that, on the advice of President Trump, the State Department may soon begin processing Freedom of Information Act requests in a much more efficient and effective manner.

From the paper:

The pressure from the White House may be working. On Thursday, the State Department released a batch of Clinton-related emails that show how she honored requests from Clinton Foundation and campaign donors to pull some strings. The department turned over to Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, 1,617 pages of documents, including 97 email exchanges not previously disclosed.


The Washington Times asked the State Department if it will speed up the FOIA screening.

A department official said, “The department takes its records management responsibilities seriously and is working diligently to process FOIA requests and to balance the demands of the many requests we have received. The department continues to process the Hillary Clinton-related emails that are the subject of FOIA litigation and has complied with its court-ordered processing requirements. We cannot comment further as this matter is in ongoing litigation.”

The paper also spoke to an unnamed official about the rumors that President Trump was pressuring Tillerson to get the process moving along.

“I’ve heard that too,” said the official. Displeasure at the process was expressed. I don’t know if that is going to do anything. Others have told me there’s just no way to speed it up.”

Right now, the organizers behind Judicial Watch and other groups remain disappointed that Trump administration lawyers are still arguing against releasing the full slate of emails, thousands of which have still not been revealed to the public. Perhaps, once Trump himself becomes involved in the process, this will change.