Trump Warns Biden of Potential Criminal Prosecution

( – Former President Donald Trump is trying to strengthen his argument for immunity by appealing to his rival President Joe Biden. The appeal came in the form of a warning to the sitting president that Biden could face a Justice Department weaponized against him, too, if Trump isn’t granted immunity.

In what seems to be a subtle threat, Trump confirmed he would attend a hearing in appeals court regarding his claim to presidential immunity and said that some of the problems facing the current administration could lead to Biden facing criminal prosecutions of his own after he leaves office. Trump wrote on Truth Social that “the Border Invasion and Afghanistan Surrender” are reasons enough for an indictment of Biden, as well as the millions the president pocketed “from foreign countries.”

As a president, Trump argues that he “was entitled” to receiving immunity from charges related to questioning the election results, which he also argues as protected free speech. He wrote that while he searched “for voter fraud” and found it, he “wasn’t campaigning” anymore and the election was already “long over.” Trump also said it was his “obligation” to seek transparency about the election results.

Trump concluded his statement with a threat: if he doesn’t receive immunity, then Biden also “doesn’t get immunity,” citing the border, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and foreign dealings as reasons the president “would be ripe for indictment” himself. Trump says that Biden “opened a giant Pandora’s Box” by choosing to weaponize the DOJ against his political opponent.

In August 2021, Biden ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and faced widespread criticism for how the operation was conducted, which put American lives at risk and resulted in the Taliban retaking control of the Middle Eastern nation. He’s also faced backlash over the border perhaps more than any other issue.

Trump did attend the appellate court hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 9, although no decision was reached. The judge also expressed skepticism about the former president’s arguments for immunity.

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