For nearly two years, Democrats have been telling us all about how Robert Mueller was going to save the day. He was going to expose Russian malfeasance all the way to the top of the Trump campaign, prove that the president obstructed justice, and perhaps even explain how he works for Vladimir Putin to this very day. With even a little bit of luck, we would all watched transfixed as Mueller and his team perp-walked Trump out of the Oval Office in his pajamas, this putting this long, national nightmare of record-breaking prosperity behind us forever.

And then, of course, the investigation concluded. All of a sudden, Mueller’s investigation didn’t mean that much anymore. One can assume this is because he cleared the president of collusion and came to no decision at all about obstruction. No mention was made of Trump’s (obvious) status as a Russian mole. So surprising.

Trump took note of this odd shift in the Democrats’ behavior in his Tuesday morning tweets.

“Robert Mueller was a God-like figure to the Democrats, until he ruled No Collusion in the long awaited $30,000,000 Mueller Report,” he wrote. “Now the Dems don’t even acknowledge his name, have become totally unhinged, and would like to go through the whole process again. It won’t happen!”

Trump slammed two of the top Democrat chairman in the House, saying that they would never give up their witch hunt.

“There is no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy Jerry Nadler or Shifty Adam Schiff. It is now time to focus exclusively on properly running our great Country!” he wrote.

Rather than accept the fact that it is unfathomable that Attorney General William Barr would risk his entire career and reputation on a lie about the Mueller report’s contents, Democrats like the ones Trump mentioned are embarking on a new conspiratorial avenue: Namely, that we can’t trust Mueller’s conclusions until we see the full, unredacted report.

“Congress has asked for the entire Mueller report, and underlying evidence, by April 2. That deadline stands,” Schiff tweeted Friday. “In the meantime, Barr should seek court approval (just like in Watergate) to allow the release of grand jury material. Redactions are unacceptable. #ReleasetheReport.”

The last twist of irony, of course, is that Schiff was one of the leading Democrats accusing former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes of endangering FBI sources and methods by releasing that memo on FISA abuse within the DOJ. Apparently keeping our nation’s law enforcement methods secret is only important when Democrats decide it is.

Schiff and Nadler have already built the next two years of their careers on a Mueller report that would give them license to impeach. Now that they’re left with nothing more in their hands but sand, they’re going to keep moving forward until they make a joke out of their entire party. And if Pelosi doesn’t rein them in, her latest term as Speaker is going to be very brief, indeed.