Trump’s Pro-Transgender Past Is Causing Cracks In His Credibility

( – One of the most contentious issues in America right now is transgenderism and gender ideology, an issue former President Donald Trump is taking a hard stance on, but his views on the issue have shifted over the years.

Apparently, Trump had a different stance on this issue just over ten years ago when he supported allowing a man identifying as a woman to be a competitor in his Miss Universe pageant. Trump said the competition, which he owned at the time, should be open to men identifying as women and endorsed 23-year-old Jenna Talaackova of Canada, referring to him as a woman, and noting that according to Canadian and United States law, Talaackova was allowed to compete

As recent as 2016, Trump spoke in opposition to the North Carolina bill that banned men from using women’s bathrooms. He said to “leave it the way it is” because there were “few complaints.”

Gender ideology is becoming a major issue dividing Republicans and Democrats, and it will surely be a hotly debated topic during the 2024 election season. The issue ties into culture, the education system, parenting styles, privacy, sports, and biology, and it raises important questions about the law that must be answered.

Left-leaning liberals and the Democratic Party seem to generally support the idea that one can be “born in the wrong body” and that if one feels that way, the best solution is to change your body with chemicals and surgical alterations. Right-leaning individuals, conservatives, and the Republican Party tend to oppose this idea, specifically when it comes to minors.

Trump now sings the same tune, stating that “no serious country” can tell its children they were born wrong. In March, he said that “the cult of gender ideology” would be defeated and the reality that “God created two genders” would be reasserted. Then in April, he vowed to “keep men out of women’s sports.”

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