Trump’s Spokesperson Responds To Execution Call Report

( – A former Trump administration official claimed during a recent podcast that Trump had, on more than one occasion, suggested executing staffers who leaked classified information to the press. Former comms director for the White House Alyssa Farah Griffin gave an interview where she asserted Trump openly pontificated “executing” staffers who were undermining his administration.

Trump’s defenders have ambiguously refused to certify or denounce the claims, instead opting to issue vague comments or claim a lack of recall. Corporate press is using the suggestion to reiterate the Democrat’s favorite talking point that Trump is a “would-be dictator” despite not going dictatorial during his first administration.

Griffin’s June 14 claim was regarding a leak of classified intelligence that highlighted Trump was relocated to a bunker in the White House on May 29, 2020 as the George Floyd riots were raging in downtown Washington, D.C. causing millions in property damage with some rioters threatening the White House itself. The events of May 29, 2020 were often ignored by left-leaning corporate media which favors repeatedly reminding the public about a riot at the Capitol the following year over concerns the 2020 election was rigged. Many Democrats even justified the violent riots in response to the death of Floyd which is variously perceived as an overdose death or murder by the officer that held him on the ground depending on who you ask.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr couldn’t recall specifically if there were incidents of Trump wanting to execute leakers. He had previously suggested Trump had a temper and was known for “blowing off steam.” While Trump’s administration did refer more leakers for prosecution during his time in office, the number actually prosecuted was similar to that during Obama’s time.

Democrats have suggested that Trump will be the end of America, and are using the recent podcast claims to revivify the talking point.

When asked for comment, Trump spokesman Steven Cheung suggested that Trump’s only revenge will be improving the “success and prosperity for all Americans.” He did not address claims about Trump threatening to execute staffers.

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