Tucker Carlson Airs Footage From J6 Demolishing Democrat Insurrection Lies

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(TotalConservative.com) – Tucker Carlson has thoroughly bashed the Democratic narrative surrounding the events of January 6th on his show the evening of March 6th. While Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi have tried to present a tale of a violent insurrection led by former President Donald Trump, the reality of the evidence is that it does not warrant such a radical proposition. To make his case, Carlson aired much of the unseen footage from the Capitol surveillance cameras.

You may recall that Speaker McCarthy was urged to release the footage as part of his confirmation process, holdouts from the Republican side wanted concessions, and releasing the footage was a particularly big one. Carlson was granted access to the 44,000 hours of tape and has begun to string bits of it together to make the case that by and large, most of the protesters and capitol ‘insurrectionists’ were peaceful tourists escorted into and around the Capitol by police.

Highlighting the now-infamous Qanon shaman, Jacob Chansley, who is serving a 41-month sentence for various crimes ranging from civil disobedience to parading in the Capitol, Carlson showed video of Chansley calmly walking amongst police, who escorted him almost everywhere he went. It’s difficult to imagine that the litany of charges against him is an accurate reflection of reality when one sees footage of police not only tolerating his presence but actively escorting him around the building as if they were his personal tour guides.

Carlson also highlighted the tale of Officer Brian Sicknick, a cop who defended the Capitol and died of natural causes the next day. The official cause of death was listed as a stroke, and Democrats were quick to call his death a murder, though no charges ever materialized. Many have argued that being exposed to pepper spray that day likely contributed to his death, however, there is no evidence to suggest that pepper spray alone can cause deadly clots.

Major media continues to spin the tale that January 6th was a violent insurrection attempt. Do most Americans buy it or will Tucker’s continued airing of unseen footage cause their narrative to collapse?

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