Tucker Carlson Drops Big Hint About What’s Next

(TotalConservative.com) – When Fox News suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson Tonight, their highest-rated show, viewers were left puzzled and upset, wondering what would come next for him. Shortly after, Carlson was back with a new show, “Tucker on Twitter,” and he’s not stopping there.

After Carlson’s ousting, Fox News took a major hit, while “Tucker on Twitter” is making outstanding numbers, even better than when Carlson was on network television. But the former Fox host isn’t stopping with Twitter.

According to Dylan Byers at Puck News, Carlson is in the process of “raising capital to launch a new company” which could “prove more influential” than his 12-minute newscasts on Twitter. Byers said that Carlson’s next play may “serve as a paradigm for a generation of TV news personalities” with large followings who “remain marooned” to the sinking ships of the old establishment media with “shrinking audiences.”

Although the report is unconfirmed, it seems likely Carlson may branch out into launching a new company to compete with the mainstream media who have cast him out and are now attempting to silence him. After starting his new show on Twitter, Fox News hit Carlson with a “cease and desist” order claiming an employee contract violation.

It’s unclear still if Fox News will have a strong case against their former golden boy. Friend and biographer of Carlson, Chadwick Moore, posted on Twitter that Carlson’s contract did not specify using a social media platform to launch a new show as covered in the non-compete clauses in his contract. Moore also confirmed shortly after Carlson’s ousting that cutting his show was one of the conditions for the settlement of the Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News Network case.

Although Carlson doesn’t have any experience operating a large media company, which makes it seem unlikely he will be able to muster something that could compete with Fox News, he did help to co-found The Daily Caller, and his audience is massive. If Carlson does launch a new enterprise, it will surely be a thorn in the side of his former employers.

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