Tucker Carlson’s Biographer Says Dominion Conspiracy Is True

(TotalConservative.com) – Author and political commentator Chadwick Moore posted an announcement on Twitter on Monday for his new book about Tucker Carlson coming out in July, including a statement about why Fox decided to oust Carlson.

Carlson retweeted the announcement, sending the book into the #1 bestseller spot for journalism on Amazon after pre-orders surged. But Moore had more to say in his announcement than simply talking about the book, which he spent the last year composing as a “definitive biography” of the former Fox News host and co-founder of Daily Caller through thorough research and over 100 hours interviewing Carlson.

Moore took the opportunity to share information he verified before the book’s release date relating to Carlson’s dismissal from Fox News.

Moore, who was a regular guest on Carlson’s show and appeared on the final episode, stated that he was working closely with Carlson when he was removed from Fox News. Moore also said that he saw a monologue Carlson planned on delivering the following Monday before the show was suddenly canceled after the final episode.

According to Moore, the monologue focused on what happened in Washington D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, mainly on Ray Epps, who was the only individual on video seen inciting violence that day. Allegedly, Epps is an FBI informant, although he’s denied acting under the FBI’s orders and was never arrested or charged.

He then went on to verify that the claims about Carlson’s dismissal being part of the settlement between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems, which Dominion denied, is actually true according to his sources.

Moore said this “would mean that a small group of people [with] a controlling interest in Dominion” silenced “what is arguably the most important and influential” voice among conservatives, “possibly until after the next presidential election.”

The biography, simply titled Tucker, will be released on July 18. Moore’s first book, So You’ve Been Sent to Diversity Training: Smiling Through the DEI Apocalypse, was also a bestseller.

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