Tucker Carlson’s First Episode Of New Show Released

(TotalConservative.com) – Tucker Carlson released the first episode of his new show exclusively on Twitter on Tuesday.

The first episode of the new Tucker Carlson Twitter show, which was only around ten minutes long, was the first appearance of Carlson covering news stories since Fox News suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson Tonight last month. The move by Fox stunned many because Carlson and his show were the highest-ranking on the network.

Shortly after the cancelation, Carlson released a statement on Twitter announcing he would be continuing on without Fox News and also gave a harsh criticism of the mainstream media in general, indicating that certain subjects and realms of discourse were forbidden by the larger networks.

A few weeks after the show was canceled, frequent guest and friend of Carlson’s, Chadwick Moore, announced the completion of a new biography of Carlson called Tucker. In his video announcement, Moore also confirmed that according to his sources, the cancellation of Carlson’s show was part of an agreement made in the Dominion lawsuit settlement.

Soon, Moore himself was banned from appearing on the network ever again, publishing a series of tweets about how he was disinvited from Gutfeld Tonight, another show he appeared on frequently as a guest, and that some Fox News employees told him there was a new policy preventing any on-air talent from even saying Carlson’s name.

Carlson covered some of the most controversial, taboo topics to speak candidly about in the media on his first episode: the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the UFO phenomenon (aka UAPs).

He covered a story of a dam in Crimea that was destroyed, most likely by Ukrainian forces, and blamed on Russia despite the attack harming them more. He also mentioned a recent intelligence whistleblower who came forward with information to Congress claiming the government recovered “exotic” technology of a “non-human intelligence” in the past, has been covering it up, and is trying to reverse engineer it in secret.

Tucker seems prepared to go all out on Twitter and to talk about whatever he wants.

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