Tucker Carlson’s Wife is Glad He Got Fired

(TotalConservative.com) – Co-founder of Daily Caller and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson says his wife is glad the news organization canceled his show and that there’s been a bright side to the entire ordeal.

During an interview with a senior advisor for the Hungarian Prime Minster, Carlson mentioned his firing from Fox News Network and explained how it’s been a blessing in disguise.

Referring to being fired, Carlson said he “loved it” and that thankfully the people who worked with him on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” were fired, too. He mentioned his executive producer of “many years,” Justin Wells, who was also thankful to be fired along with the former Fox host. Carlson said his “world hasn’t changed that much” and that he’s “been with the same woman for 39 years,” has “a very large” and “close family,” his dogs, and continues to work mostly with the same people.

Carlson admitted the incident was his “third time being fired as an adult” and that he recommends it “to anybody.” The renegade journalist said getting fired is “great” because it keeps someone from becoming “a truly horrible person.” Carlson is “grateful” for and humbled by the experience and said that getting fired can remind someone that they’re “just like everybody else.” He added that not only is he glad it happened, but that his wife is also grateful for it.

Carlson spent over 14 years at Fox News Network, a company he said was “really nice” to him over the years. He was their highest-rated host, and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” received one of the highest ratings in cable news history in 2020, bringing in over 4 million viewers.

Although Carlson refuses to badmouth his former employer, they are trying to sue him over allegedly breaching his employment contract by starting a new show exclusively on Twitter, which has been blowing them out of the water in viewership.

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