Tucker’s Attorney Responds To Fox News’ C and D Letter

(TotalConservative.com) – Tucker Carlson’s attorney gave an official response to Fox News this week regarding their cease-and-desist letter to Carlson over his two videos of commentary released on Twitter this month.

After Carlson released two episodes of his new Twitter exclusive show, Fox News issued a cease-and-desist letter to the former host of their network show Tucker Carlson Tonight, which was suddenly and unexpectedly canceled by the network in May. Now Carlson’s attorney is responding to the letter.

Harmeet Dhillon, Carlson’s attorney, posted on Twitter on Monday that her “friend and client… will not be silenced” by either “the far left” or by Fox.

Dhillon shared a link to the story by Axios, which reported on the letter, although the story does not include the actual text of the letter, which states boldly at the top that it is “NOT FOR PUBLICATION.”

Dhillon also stated that until Fox News stops their attempts at silencing Carlson, the network is “not a place” she feels she belongs, despite having friends there under contract still, whose predicament she sympathizes with.

Unlike Dhillon, Carlson’s friend and biographer, Chadwick Moore, is not so sympathetic. He was recently banned from the network for writing a book about Carlson, announcing the development last month in a series of tweets. He recently tweeted, “Anyone who still goes on Fox is chasing vanity, not truth.”

Dhillon said she is “passionately committed to free speech” and the “free flow of information” which she believes is “necessary” for a society to remain free. She also urged GOP officials, Congress, and influencers to rethink their decision to appear on the network after Fox News “caved into pressure” by silencing Carlson.

She asked those who she’s addressing if they honestly want to continue airing their views on Fox News when it “spits on its viewers,” turns on its talent, and threatens them for using their free speech on Twitter.

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