NBC Nightly News hasn’t found a lot of time in their broadcast to talk about the slew of violent attacks on Trump supporters that have occurred over the last week in Florida, Nashville, and New Hampshire, but they did manage to carve out time on Wednesday for a feature story about a 9-year-old transgender kid. The network sent correspondent Kate Snow to the home of Jacob Lemay, a child who started transitioning from female to male at the ridiculous age of two. This, we are to understand, is actually quite a beautiful thing and not, as you might have thought, a horrific sign of America’s existential despair.

“It’s not how you act or what you wear or anything like that,” Jacob says of being transgender. “It’s just how you really are inside. You just feel like you got put in the wrong body.”

Snow followed up: “And how exactly do you know what a ‘boy’ feels like inside as opposed to a girl? Are you telling us there’s some kind of ladybrain and manbrain? Could you point us to the scientific evidence?”

No, of course she didn’t say that.

For one, the kid’s in the fourth grade. For another, Snow would be throwing her career in the toilet. The transgender “science” is not to be questioned, even though it bears no relation to anything else that goes under the name of science. You ask a transgender person, “Say, what is it to be a woman?” And they say, “Well, it means you feel like a woman.” Good luck penetrating the logic beyond that tautological assertion. You won’t find anything there.

“Jacob was just two when he started insisting he was a boy,” Snow explained.

“It was almost as if he was a thousand miles away from us and retreating,” his mother said. “It wasn’t until we were able to say to him that we believed him and that he could live as the boy he always knew he was. That’s when we got our child back.”

That sounds completely believable and not at all like something you’re saying to sell your transgender propaganda book, What Will We Become? It’s almost as believable as those immigrant kids in Sweden who fall into a coma-like state right up until their families are granted permanent asylum status. Folks, this isn’t how any of this works.

But once you believe that a boy can be born “inside a girl’s body” and vice versa, well, you will believe just about anything.

Lemay, by the way, was last seen being used as a prop for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign; the Massachusetts senator promised that she wouldn’t nominate a Secretary of Education until running them by Lemay for prior approval.

Judging by Warren’s recent performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, we feel safe in assuming that this is a future we’ll be avoiding.