Twitter is vowing to take action against conservative meme-makers who compare left-wing hysterical nutjobs to “NPCs” of video-game fame, assuring the liberal public that there are now rules against “dehumanizing” tweets that “treat others as less than human.” But what’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the Islamic gander; the company says it will not suspend Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, despite the minister’s overtly dehumanizing tweet about Jews.

“I’m not an anti-Semite,” Farrakhan wrote in a post this week. “I’m anti-Termite.”


Even BuzzFeed News, which usually goes to great lengths to protect anyone perceived to be on the left, couldn’t believe that Twitter was going to let this insult stand.

They report:

A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the rules have not yet taken effect, so Farrakhan’s language is not in violation of any extant policy. The spokesperson did not give a date for when the new rule would go into effect, or if it would at all. He did not address whether Farrakhan’s tweet would be in violation were the policy in effect.

Twitter has in recent months provoked the fury of conservative users and politicians who say the platform’s ban of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was politically motivated. The company has long struggled to balance its commitment to free expression with the profusion of hateful and false information on its platform.

Well, that struggle cannot be taken seriously when they give left-wing figures like Farrakhan a free pass to say whatever he wants while simultaneously banning right-wing trolls for using the NPC meme.

For those not initiated to the (hilarious) meme, leftist agitators are being mocked as “non-playable characters” who behave in a robotic, sometimes absurd manner in the world of gaming. A more apt comparison cannot easily be made, but the left is upset about the mockery and insisting that the NPC meme will somehow result in them getting killed. Because that’s how stupid they think conservatives are.

Now as for Islamists (even of the Farrakhan sort) killing Jews? Well, this is a clear and present threat that unfolds every day in the Middle East and Europe, so if we’re going to have a serious talk about the dangers of dehumanizing speech, let’s get into it.