Twitter Hearing Temporarily Loses Power, and MTG Steals the Show

( – The House Oversight Committee’s hearings on Twitter’s censorship of The New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is off to an interesting start. From the room going dark to Marjorie Taylor Greene using the hearing to talk about being personally censored on Twitter, the first hearing already has people talking.

In the middle of GOP Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama questioning how Twitter permitted terrorist supporters on their platform (such as the Taliban) while banning former President Donald Trump, the hearing was brought to a halt by a sudden power outage. When the lights went out someone even jokingly asked if Twitter cut the power.

Another highlight of the hearing was Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who used her time on the floor to discuss being suspended from Twitter on Jan. 2, 2022, for “misinformation” instead of talking about the censorship of the laptop story. Previously banned from committees by Democrats, Taylor-Greene decided to use nearly all five minutes of her time to speak to rail against Twitter for suspending her.

Taylor-Greene’s account wasn’t restored until November 21, 2022, after her election on Nov. 8th, when Elon Musk brought her and many other banned accounts back onto the platform, including Trump’s.

The House hearings on Twitter are significant because many believe censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story had a direct effect on the 2020 election results.

Since Musk took the helm of the social media company, he’s released “The Twitter Files” in multiple parts detailing the behind-the-scenes correspondences among executives on how they made various decisions, from censoring the story to banning Trump, as well as the FBI’s involvement in these decisions.

Now that Republicans have the House majority, we can expect to see even more hearings probing the Biden family and efforts to censor conservatives disproportionately to those who are more politically leftwing.

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