According to a recent report from Newsmax, White House officials are not only moving forward with plans to build a big, beautiful wall across the border with Mexico, but also pressuring Mexico to build a border wall of their own – on the other side of the country.

Confronted with the inconvenient truth that many illegal immigrants who make it across the U.S. border do not actually originate in Mexico but rather from Central American countries like Honduras and Guatemala, the Trump administration wants to include a southern Mexico border wall in impending NAFTA negotiations. The hope is that with better border enforcement of their own, our Mexican neighbors can reduce the security burden that currently falls on the United States.

From Newsmax:

If Mexico would build a wall and beef up security across its own 732-mile border with Guatemala and Belize, the effect on illegal crossings into the U.S. could be dramatic.

The costs savings would also be huge – just a fraction of the estimated $21 billion a wall across the 1,989-mile U.S. border would cost.

New White House chief of staff John Kelly has been an advocate of focusing on the source of the illegals emanating from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

As Secretary of Homeland Security, Kelly had told the Senate: “Border security for the United States starts 1,500 miles to the south.”

In 2017, Border Patrol apprehensions of families and children coming across the U.S. Mexican border show that only 4 percent are Mexican nationals, the remainder are from nations south of Mexico.

And a Pew Study two years ago showed that non-Mexicans crossing illegally outnumbered Mexicans.

The good news here is that the Trump administration is taking a holistic approach to the problem of illegal immigration, and this is only one of many avenues the White House is trying to close. These efforts also include cracking down on visa overstays, breaking up gangs like MS-13, working to reform the “undocumented minors” program, beefing up Border Control, and yes, working towards building the WALL.

What it doesn’t include are efforts to provide amnesty for more than a million illegal immigrants who were brought here as children. This is the Obama Way. The way that says, oh, if we show compassion towards those illegals already here…we’ll somehow be able to stop new ones from coming over. It makes no sense, it is logically backwards, and it won’t work.

But another wall on Mexico’s southern border? Yes, now that makes some sense. The more countries we can get to crack down on illegal immigration, the better.