U-Haul Driver Goes on Rampage in NYC, Claims He Saw “Invisible Object”

(TotalConservative.com) – A man behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck went on a rampage in Brooklyn, New York City, on Monday morning.

The driver, identified by his son as 62-year-old Weng Sor, went off the road and onto the sidewalks, plowing through cyclists, scooter riders, and pedestrians. Sor’s son said his father has a history of mental illness, spent time in prison before, and has a history of violent behavior, including stabbing his own brother.

For 48 minutes, Sor drove his truck through the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, injuring 8 people and killing 1 before being apprehended after a police chase, who managed to cut off the vehicle by blocking it against a building next to a tunnel entrance 3 miles from the beginning of the chase. After he was caught, he reportedly said to the police, “You should have shot me.”

According to Chief of Detectives James Essig, Sor claims he saw an “invisible object” which sparked his rampage. Essig also said Sor’s family stated that he’d recently stopped taking his medication.

According to the police department’s statement, the one man who died suffered a fatal head injury when the truck struck him thirty minutes after the first victim was hit. In his public statement about the incident, Mayor Eric Adams said the 44-year-old man, whose name hasn’t been released, was a single father raising children by himself.

Another man, 36-year-old Mohammed Zakaria Salah Rakchi, a father of two who just dropped off his 7-year-old daughter for school, was struck by Sor while running errands. He’s now in a medically induced coma after suffering severe head trauma.

The NYPD also released bodycam footage of an officer clearing a large group of elementary school children off the street just blocks away from where Sor was plowing on and off the sidewalks, ushering them into their school building.

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