U.S. Military Pier In Gaza Delivers First Shipment

(TotalConservative.com) – Humanitarian aid deliveries over the new U.S. military-installed pier in Gaza have begun as of Friday, May 17. Palestinians in Gaza are facing widespread starvation conditions and lack of access to clean water, electricity, and other basics due to the ongoing war between the ruling authority, Hamas, and Israel. The two have been locked in combat since Hamas led raids into Israel on October 7 last year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to eradicate Hamas in response.

U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) published a statement suggesting that they began aid deliveries over the weekend without a single U.S. soldier entering the territory. The pier’s announcement was made during Biden’s State of the Union address in March and was an attempt to recoup some support lost from the Democrat base. Progressives and liberals across the country have been expressing extreme disdain over the handling of the conflict with many demanding a ceasefire and end to the fighting during protests on college campuses.

The U.N. warned that starvation conditions, disease, and other fallout from the conflict are threatening the lives of the people who live there. Palestinians are heavily dependent on aid for the basics like food, bottled water, and medical supplies. Most of the aid entering the territory has dwindled over time as Israel attacked an aid convoy or limited access at crossings.

Israel has promised more military adventures in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where many refugees had fled. Nearly 600,000 people have now shuffled over to Deir al-Balah, which became overcrowded as a result.

October 7 attacks resulted in the deaths of roughly 1,200 Israelis and international civilians as well as ~250 hostages being taken by Hamas. It’s unclear how many tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, estimates suggest roughly 35,000 civilians and combatants have been killed. Neither side parses Hamas fighters from civilians and noncombatants.

While a tentative deal on a ceasefire has been reached, no clear end to the conflict has yet to emerge. Hamas is demanding a permanent end to the conflict while Israel has been unwilling to agree to anything without the release of Israeli prisoners still held by Hamas.

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