According to a new report in Reuters, law enforcement officials in several counties are moving to create what they’re calling Second Amendment sanctuaries, taking a page from the left’s book in order to stand up against the gun-grabbing Democratic Party. While the left is busy turning city after city into places where federal immigration law essentially does not apply, these sheriffs saw those tactics and decided to try it themselves. Instead of turning their counties into sanctuaries against the law, they thought, why not turn them into sanctuaries where the Constitution of the United States still remains in effect!


From Reuters:

Now local conservatives are rebelling against majority Democratic rule in the states. Elected sheriffs and county commissioners say they might allow some people deemed to be threats under “red flag” laws to keep their firearms. In states where the legal age for gun ownership is raised to 21, authorities in some jurisdictions could refuse to confiscate guns from 18- to 20-year-olds.

“If they want to have their own laws, that’s fine. Don’t shove them on us down here,” said Dave Campbell, a member of the board of Effingham County, Illinois, about 215 miles (350 km) south of Chicago.

Backers of the sanctuary movement say they want to take it nationwide. Leaders in all four states where it has taken hold have formed a loose alliance, sometimes sharing strategies or texts of resolutions. They also say they are talking with like-minded activists in California, New York, Iowa and Idaho.

As it grows, the rebellion is setting up a potential clash between state and local officials.

Oh, we would advise the media to be very cautious in using terms like “rebellion” in this context. And if we were state officials in California and other gun-grabby states, we would be equally cautious in coming to a “clash” with county officials who want to respect and uphold the Second Amendment. Nothing good lies down that path, Democrats. Nothing.

Hopefully, this movement catches on, because it’s about time for We the People to stand up against the blatantly unconstitutional machinations of the Democratic Party. That’s true on the local level, and it’s true on the federal level. If we begin to see a little more of this, perhaps the left will get it through their heads that we will NEVER allow them to disarm us. We will NEVER allow them to take away our freedoms. We will NEVER go quietly into that cold, dark night.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.