UCLA Arrests Dozens Of Protesters

(TotalConservative.com) – UCLA is forcing students to engage in “remote learning” for the remainder of the week as a consequence of ongoing protests on campus threatening public safety and disabling access to classrooms and the library. The announcement was made on Tuesday, May 7 one day after 43 people were arrested in one of the parking garages on campus and charged with “conspiracy to commit burglary.”

It’s unclear what specifically the group was planning to do, but dozens of people were seen wearing zip tie handcuffs while awaiting processing by police. Associate professor Graeme Blair claimed to be their legal representation and said it was “outrageous” that the group was being detained without the ability to communicate with their lawyer.

Police said that all of the arrestees would be released after being processed. Lt. Richard Davis explained that after their arrest, photographing, fingerprinting, etc. they’ll be released as the charge is a misdemeanor.

A separate action occurred at Moore Hall also on Monday. Roughly 50 people engaged in a sit-in. Students had anticipated returning to classes as normal on Tuesday, but the announcement abrogated those plans citing the “ongoing disruption” and inability to operate the school. Officials said that the remote status would continue for May 6-10. The announcement also stated that law enforcement was nearby to “promote safety.”

The school did not explain why the pro-Palestinian groups were being allowed to dominate the campuses to the point where paying students and faculty couldn’t use them.

UCLA was the scene of dramatic and violent clashes between groups of protesters and police last week after pro-Palestinian groups including non-student activists setup a tent city on the campus and claimed the area. The police eventually made mass arrests and cleared it on May 2. UCLA announced a new Office of Campus Safety to cope with the problem which will be headed by a former Sacramento police chief.

Vice Chancellor Rick Braziel heads the office and his first official duty will be investigating an attack on the protesters’ camp by vigilantes and pro-Israel activists.

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