After spending 10 December days touring the United States, a trio of women representing the United Nations were “appalled” by the status of women’s rights in the Land of the Free. The women, from Costa Rica, Poland, and the UK respectively, went to Texas, Alabama, and Oregon, finding horrors everywhere they went.

“We were harassed,” said UK delegate Frances Raday of the group’s trip to an abortion clinic. “There were two vigilante men waiting to insult us. ‘You’re murdering children!’

The Polish delegate, Eleonora Zielinska, decided that “vigilante” wasn’t a harsh enough word for abortion protesters. “It’s a kind of terrorism,” she said. “To us, it was shocking.”

Yes, the “shock” of seeing people who still stand up for the rights of the unborn must have really thrown these women for a loop. How utterly backwards, to still be out there, sacrificing their time to speak for those who have no voice of their own! Is even “terrorism” a strong enough word to denounce this cretinous behavior? We’ll find out in June, when these women hand their final report over to the UN. Perhaps by then, with some further contemplation, they can call the protesters “animals” or “monsters.”

Abortion was chief among the delegation’s concerns, but they found the U.S. to be well behind the curve in many other areas of women’s rights. They were disgusted with the (repeatedly disproven) 23% gender pay gap, horrified by the lack of maternity leave, and distressed by how federal authorities treated migrant women in detention centers.

“So many people really believe that U.S. women are way better off with respect to rights than any woman in the world,” Raday said, a note of dismay in her voice.

Sites like Huffington Post have naturally picked up this story and run with it, as though these three women have the final say about what’s right and wrong with America. One can imagine that if three women of another political bent visited the U.S. and decried the gradual turn toward democratic socialism, these sites would be less inclined to offer such blind respect. But when the women seem as though they were created by a liberal author and they spout all the same feminist nonsense, they might as well be living saints.

Women, like everyone else in America, have a choice. And it basically lines up like this: You can spend your precious few years on this earth wishing things were different, or you can thank your lucky stars for being born in a country as fine as this one. Despite what these three UN delegates might have to say, the truth is that people aren’t flocking from all over the world to get into Poland or Costa Rica.

Does that mean that any effort to change things is futile and ungrateful? No, but to spend your entire life fighting against this imaginary victimization is a horrible waste. This is an effort to put more power in the palm of the federal government, erase the last remnants of a society built with God firmly in mind, and push liberal agendas instead of addressing the real human rights disasters in the world. If you’re really committed to changing the world, for the love of God start with people who really need help.