While Americans fret about whether or not terrorists were given the red carpet treatment while in CIA custody, the terrorists themselves have been busy working up new ways to attack the U.S. According to the latest issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire electronic magazine, they’ve come up with a doozy. A terrorist called the AQ Chef tells the mag that undetectable bombs are the group’s latest weapon against the West.

Much of the issue is dedicated to a story called “The Hidden Bomb.” What’s most disturbing about the story is that the steps for creating such a bomb are detailed for anyone to follow at home. “We came up with these simple materials that are readily available around the globe, even inside America,” says the article’s writer. “We spared no effort in simplifying the idea in such we made it ‘another meal prepared in the kitchen’ so that every determined Muslim can prepare.”

The group’s recipe for destruction hits the internet just as the U.S. government warns that “lone wolf” attacks are exactly what they are most concerned about. These are attacks – exemplified by the shooting at Ft. Hood and the Boston Marathon bombing – where Islamic extremists take matters into their own hands without direct support from groups like Al Qaeda. And because there is no “network” to disrupt, stopping these attacks could be almost impossible.

Obama’s Weak Will

Of course, these lone wolves have come into their own under an American president who has never expressed much interest in going after terrorists. He came into office as an opponent of the Iraq War, he pulled us out of that country prematurely, and he has gone after ISIS with limited enthusiasm. Worse, he bends over backwards to separate Islam from Islamic terrorism, often to the point where he has to deny reality to do so.

For about a second following the first beheading videos out of Syria, America was ready and raring to fight again. And Obama was forced into an engagement he wanted nothing to do with. Only a few months earlier, he had referred to ISIS as the JV wing of Al Qaeda. Even now, after it’s been proven that airstrikes probably aren’t going to be enough, he insists that we’re not going to put American boots on the ground.

I don’t want another protracted Iraq war anymore than Obama, but do we need to learn the 9/11 lesson again? These threats can’t be ignored. If we don’t do something about them there, then we’ll deal with the ramifications here. Period. End of story. Obama declared an end to the “global war on terror” a couple of years ago, but this is not a war that will be over anytime soon. The radicals are fighting. The radicals are thirsty for another big attack. The radicals are spreading their insidious message at every opportunity. The war is on.

The only question is whether or not we’re going to fight back before they land another devastating blow.