University of Pennsylvania Took Millions From Chinese Donors While Funding Penn Biden Center

( – A new investigation has revealed that the University of Pennsylvania, the host of the D.C. Penn Biden Center has taken millions of dollars from unspecified Chinese donors in the few short years Joe Biden has been president.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that their review of records indicates the university has taken more than $14 million from unnamed donors based out of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, as well as an additional $2.4 million from anonymous individuals based in Saudi Arabia since 2021 in a story published January 18th, 2023.

Where the university gets its donations has recently come under scrutiny due to the Biden classified documents scandal. Earlier this month the Biden administration admitted they found a small cache of documents with classified markings at the Penn Biden Center where Joe Biden kept an office after he left the Obama administration and prior to launching his presidential bid. Additional documents were located at his home, embroiling the controversy.

If that wasn’t sensational enough, a further $1 million was donated to the university via the Cayman Islands to pay for the Penn Wharton China program. The Beacon has also found that the University of Pennsylvania took in $61 million from Chinese donors between 2017 and 2020 while Joe Biden was working out of the Penn Biden Center.

Complicating the picture is the involvement of the President’s son, Hunter. Hunter Biden was connected to both the family home in Delaware, once falsely claiming to own it, as well as the Penn Biden Center which he helped found. His own business dealings have been examined by the FBI and the DOJ with no indication of wrongdoing on his part as of yet.

Many now wonder what these documents contained and who else could have had access to them during the intervening years. Major media has been tied up comparing Trump and Biden’s document scandals, with some commentators suggesting Biden is being ousted by his own party.

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