Good to know that students attending Cal State San Marcos are getting their tuition’s worth out of their education. According to The College Fix, students were invited to attend and participate in the annual “Whiteness Forum,” to which they contributed no fewer than 14 poster boards which elaborated on the different ways that “whiteness” oppresses minorities in the United States.

The brainchild of – we’re not kidding – Professor Dreama Moon, the forum is part of her “Communication of Whiteness” course, which is apparently an actual thing that at least some percentage of taxpayer money is going to fund. Then again, we’re talking about California, where half the state is probably glad to see their hard-earned money going to such nonsense.

Professor Dreama Moon? Really?

Oh, and she’s white, by the way.

Here’s a bit about this deranged event, from The College Fix:

A banner hung at the front of the room indicated the “Whiteness Forum” is about “reflecting on white privilege and racism.”

As part of the class, the students teamed up to create 14 different poster boards that aimed to illustrate different ways whiteness is allegedly oppressive.

Among the topics students broached: mental health services favor whites, media coverage is biased against people of color, Hollywood stereotyping, racism in the military, and real estate practices that favor whites, according to their projects.


Among the guests were members of the College Republicans, including Erin Clements, who donned her “Make America Great Again” hat.

“The event is racist in itself,” she said in an interview with The College Fix, pointing out that if the forum was dedicated to any other race in the same way it was dedicated to whiteness there would have been a huge outrage.

Well, that goes without saying. But that’s where we are in California – nay, America – today, where it’s practically open season to criticize white people down to their every choice, including the “choice” to BE white. Idiots like this Professor Moon are building careers off a new kind of racism – one that espouses many of the same tenets as all other kinds of racism that have plagued this country and that we had gone a long way towards ridding ourselves of. But the demise of racism would have also meant the demise of liberalism and the Democratic Party, since so much of their platform depends on a permanently victimized underclass of minorities. That couldn’t be allowed to happen, so we have this now. “Whiteness.” “White privilege.” All of this academic insanity, geared towards getting young people to believe there is something inherently, fundamentally wrong with having white skin.

This will not end well.