US Aircraft Carrier Harrassed by Iranian Drone

( – An Iranian drone flew near a U.S. aircraft carrier, took pictures and video, and ignored warnings to depart on Tuesday, November 28th. The USS Eisenhower is deployed in the Persian Gulf and was well into international waters when the event took place.

The incident follows weeks of increased tension in the region in the aftermath of a Hamas surprise attack against Israel and subsequent Israel retaliation in Gaza. Iran has been blamed for sponsoring terrorist attacks against U.S. forces and supporting Hamas and Hezbollah as well as numerous other organizations across the Middle East.

The Iranians allegedly bragged about interfering with helicopter operations aboard the vessel, according to translations made from the Iranian state’s official news outlet, Farsnews Agency.

A number of rocket attacks and drone strikes against U.S. bases in the area have been blamed on Iran-backed militias. The U.S. has responded with limited strikes in Syria but has generally restrained itself to proportional retaliation to avoid escalation.

Dozens of soldiers have been injured in the attacks which have hit U.S. outposts in Syria and Iraq. Some even suffered traumatic brain injuries which can cause permanent disablity.

The New York Times reported that Biden was avoiding escalation and restricting the military to engage in limited strikes directly retaliating against relevant targets responsible for attacks against U.S. forces. Earlier in November Biden ordered targets in Syria to be obliterated which were allegedly warehouses used to transport weapons used by terrorists connected to Iran’s military.

Biden has largely rejected Pentagon calls for expanding the conflict into more extended bombing campaigns. Republicans in Congress criticize Biden for refusing to expand the war while the White House maintains that its limited and proportional response is appropriate to avoid things getting out of control.

Pentagon estimates there have been 48 attacks against U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq from October 17th forward with 56 U.S. injuries. There are currently 2,500 U.S. soldiers in Iraq with another 900 in Syria.

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