According to Peter Funt, the son of “Candid Camera” originator Allan Funt and an outspoken liberal commentator, Sen. Kamala Harris cannot represent the Democratic Party if she owns a handgun. In a USA Today op-ed, Funt insisted that the Democratic Party of 2020 needed to not only talk the talk when it comes to getting rid of America’s guns, the candidates also needed to walk the walk. By not doing so, Funt wrote, Harris “has shot herself in the foot.”

“At a time when Democrats are toughening their positions on gun control and seeking to make it a core issue in the 2020 campaign, the California senator has conceded that her personal relationship with guns is unique among the major Democratic presidential contenders,” Funt wrote. “She owns a handgun, a campaign aide told CNN.

“This under-publicized revelation comes as Harris is getting a lot of ink for being tough about guns,” he continued. “Her words are fine, but for a progressive like me, they are undermined by that handgun. And I can’t be the only one who is disturbed. Keeping a handgun for personal safety is a bedrock conservative view. The best defense against a ‘bad guy with a gun,’ the NRA falsely argues, is ‘a good guy with a gun.’”

Funt offers the usual parroted stats about women being more likely to be killed at home when they have guns in the house and what not, but you know what they say about statistics. Besides, statistics don’t mean a damn thing when a criminal breaks into your house. Do you want to have a fighting chance of getting out of that situation alive? Or do you want to be completely at the mercy of evil?

We don’t disagree that Kamala Harris is a bad candidate for president, and we imagine from her campaign rhetoric that she’ll be a disaster when it comes to the Second Amendment. But her ownership of a handgun is completely irrelevant. It is her right to exercise her constitutional freedoms, and it is gross for anyone to question her for doing so. The idea that it makes her unfit to be president is a joke.

“Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to have the courage to concede that owning a handgun for protection is a bad idea,” Funt writes. “Instead, she has given voters a real choice: Back candidates who care enough about gun control to not own handguns, or support the only major Democratic contender who has one and won’t throw it away.”

There’s another choice: Contact your local election officials, change your registration from Democrat to Republican, and leave this increasingly-diseased party behind forever. Trust us, you’ll feel better immediately.