Veteran Marine Charged With Manslaughter For Stopping Jordan Neely

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( – U.S. Marine Veteran Daniel Penny was arraigned on manslaughter charges for the death of Jordan Neely on Friday, May 12th. Penny and two others restrained Neely after repeated threats, including the threat to kill people on the subway and other aggressive erratic behavior.

Clearly mentally ill and homeless, Neely had been arrested 44 times in the past for similar behavior and he had an open warrant for an assault on a 67-year-old woman whose skull he cracked. Neely also had a past arrest for child endangerment for dragging a 7-year-old girl down the street in the Bronx, the DA downgraded kidnapping charges in that case.

After making wild threats against innocent bystanders, Penny and two other men intervened and ultimately had to wrestle him to the ground. Penny was able to keep Neely in a chokehold while he struggled, ultimately he passed out and was pronounced dead later at the hospital.

Activists have demanded an arrest and charges in the case since his death was reported. The media frenzy of a black man being killed by a white man is just too perfect for The Narrative. Even the Great Al Sharpton chimed in.

Penny faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted for daring to endanger his own welfare to protect innocent bystanders on the train from a repeat offender with violent tendencies. How did we get to this point? Why wasn’t Neely in treatment or jail, where he clearly belonged?

One anonymous 66-year-old female witness (she didn’t want to be identified over fears of retaliation) said she’ll be praying for him and hopes “he has a great lawyer.” She saw as Neely threatened to kill passengers, telling them he’s been arrested before, and didn’t care about them or the consequences of his actions.

A viral video came out showing Neely harassing a man calling him homophobic slurs and assaulting him in Times Square because the man was wearing a shirt with a rainbow on it. An archived Reddit post warned readers to avoid “the Michael Jackson impersonator” saying he’s become scary, and aggressively demanding cash.

Daniel Penny’s lawyers issued a statement that said their client acted in defense of himself and others.

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