Vice President Biden Took over 80 Meetings With Hunter’s Business Buddies

( – Fox News Digital is reporting a tremendous amount of White House visits during Biden’s term as Vice President for business associates who were working with Hunter Biden’s now-defunct investment firm. Its vice president, four high-level executives, and two assistants visited the Obama White House over 80 times, and yet Joe Biden maintained he had no knowledge of his son’s financial moves while he was Vice President.

Joan Mayer was vice president of the Biden-associated Rosemont Seneca Advisors, her linked in profile shows she was in the role from 2008-2017 and White House visitor logs revealed someone with her name visited 17 times in that period.

In 2009, she met with Danielle Borrin, an aide to then-VP Biden, a few weeks later she was back visiting with one of Biden’s executive assistants, Nancy Orloff. The logs revealed she came back in 2013 to meet with another executive assistant, Kellen Suber. From 2013 to 2016 she attended multiple holiday gatherings at the VP residence and special celebrations at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where the VP maintains a ceremonial office.

Former assistant to Hunter Biden, Anne Marie Person, was recorded on the logs five times before leaving the firm to join Vice President Biden’s staff in 2014. She was present during a hiring meeting for Kathy Chung, another former aide for Biden who is now serving as the deputy director for protocol at the Pentagon.

Chung regularly communicated with Hunter about a variety of issues and was questioned regarding the classified documents scandal that rocked the Biden administration earlier this year.

When Anne Marie Person was hired in 2014, her brother Francis Person had been a long-time aide to Joe Biden. He left the White House a few months after she started.

Fran Person ran a company with a Chinese national with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and famously lied about Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Advisors having a financial stake in his business. He also visited the White House seven times after leaving, and became a high-level executive at Harves Group, the D.C.-based affiliate of the Chinese Harves Century Group, ostensibly a real-estate firm. He’s previously claimed the visits were “personal in nature.”

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