Victim Has Low Expectations for Punishment of Serial “Sniffer”

( – A Los Angeles man has been identified in multiple videos and dozens of online comments as a serial predator, stalking and sniffing women in local retail outlets. Calese Crowder, 37, was arrested twice in August. The first time was for prowling outside a family’s home and peeping through the windows, the second time was for sniffing a woman at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Crowder has been arrested dozens of times going back to 2005 for burglary and robbery and other predatory crimes against women. He was charged with failure to register as an offender, and despite the mandatory 60-day penalty, he was able to walk out of jail on Friday, August 18th.

George Soros-funded LA district attorney George Gascon’s office claimed they couldn’t prosecute the failure to register charge due to lack of evidence.

Michaela Witter has over 73,000 followers on TikTok and shared evidence of his criminal predatory behavior. Witter was doing a series of 100 days of “solo dates” and randomly selected Starbucks at Barnes & Noble. What sounded like a great idea ended up being a nightmare for the young woman as she was “stalked and violated the entire time.”

Witter documented how a man later identified as Calese Crowder repeatedly followed her and other women around the store. When he got close, he would crouch down, pretending to tie his shoes or examine a book on a low shelf, and then move in for a close sniff of the ladies’ backsides. After her August 8th encounter, Crowder was arrested on the 11th, and yet again released on probation by a liberal LA judge.

He was arrested just two days prior on August 6th for peeping into the home of a family with small children.

Witter reported that 20 other women had reached out to her with similar stories of having some creepy dude stalk and sniff their butts.

LA country records show he’s been in jail 41 times going back to 2005. Gascon’s office said there are no charges pending against him at present, but that police are investigating the viral video recorded by Witter. Witter shared another video where it was explained that Crowder was jailed for 8 years for stalking a 14-year-old girl and identified as a threat to the public.

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