Republicans need six seats to take control of the Senate in November, and the latest election forecasting models show that victory is within the GOP’s grasp. According to the most optimistic forecast – The Washington Post’s Election Lab – Republicans have a 76% chance of retaking the Senate. The New York Times puts it at 67% and FiveThirtyEight shows a 60% chance of Republican victory.

While the numbers look good, there is still more than a month to go until election day. As we’ve seen again and again, a lot can change in October. Some within the Democrat Party have already hinted at an October surprise, although opponents insist it’s nothing more than bluster from desperate politicians. Still, anything can happen, and it’s important for conservatives to keep their eyes on the prize.

A Republican Senate would be a tremendous safeguard against the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Though Obama has shown that he is willing to circumvent Congress when he wants, he’s going to be forced to compromise when faced with congressional Republican dominance. This can only be a good thing for the country at a time when the country needs some good things.

Many voters and politicians are deeply concerned with Obama’s plans for the last years of his presidency. No longer saddled with the burden of political appearances, a president can be dangerous. And this president has already demonstrated how dangerous he can be when it comes to national security, healthcare, and American values. Unrestrained by the consequences of future elections, his boldest moves may be yet to come. A Republican Senate can’t handcuff him to the Lincoln Bedroom, but it may be our last line of defense.

Right now, the Democrat-controlled Senate has prevented many House Republican bills from coming to fruition. These bills could have conceivably done quite a lot to turn the economy around, put jobs within the reach of unemployed Americans, and put some real hope and change back into the country’s consciousness. With Republicans in charge of the Senate, the two houses of Congress can work in harmony to promote the future of the nation. If Obama wants to run his veto pen dry, he has that option, but it will then be obvious who the real obstructionist in Washington is.

Republicans aren’t perfect by any means. There is just as much corruption in the GOP as there is in the Democrat party, and all too often politicians on both sides of the aisle are more concerned with where their next campaign dollar is coming from than with the good of America. Nonetheless, they are the more conservative of the two mainstream parties and that makes them the lesser of two evils. Theoretically, a solid Republican majority in Congress can slowly push the country back to the middle. We’ve been drowning in leftist policies for far too long.

In other words, get out and vote!