Hey, almost everybody at some point in their lives has been in a stiff breeze and struggled to put on a jacket, but President Biden took it to the next level after arriving back in Washingon, DC from a visit to Kentucky where he promised victims of deadly flooding that the government is working hard to be able to control the weather.

However, can you imagine the lib media reaction and calls of “25th Amendment NOW” if this video was of Trump instead of Biden?

The jacket… the glasses… the mask… it’s the whole package.

It’s a good thing Biden was wearing a mask, or he might catch Covid. Oh, wait.

Think of that what you will, but you have to hand it to the pair of servicemembers behind the Bidens for keeping it together!

They should get a medal for holding in their emotions kind of like this:


Maybe next time Dr. Jill Biden can tell her husband to put the jacket on before they get out of the chopper.

Hopefully the president’s aviator glasses didn’t get damaged.

Original Article: Admire the discipline of these 2 servicemembers for keeping it together during Biden’s epic struggle with his jacket and glasses – twitchy.com