Violent Crime Victims Outraged at Lax DC Prosecutions

( – As crime spikes in Washington D.C., victims have to deal with another problem: lax prosecutions from the city that let criminals off easy.

Last Thursday, a House Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on violent crime in the nation’s capital, and multiple victims gave testimony to not only the horrific incidents they experienced but also the lax prosecutions and light sentences on the criminals who victimized them.

One incident involved a bar owner named Gaynor Jablonski, who testified about an incident in which a DoorDash driver drew a gun on him. Sitting at a table behind Jablonski was his 5-year-old son. The two men engaged in a scuffle, then the bar owner was able to disarm the gunman and aid in his arrest. Jablonski noted how his son tells him “to ‘be safe’” every time he drops him off at school, which upsets him, and how “the brazenness of the violent acts” in DC has become “ridiculous” over “the last two to three years.”

Jablonski went on to tell the subcommittee that as “horrific” as the surveillance footage of his attack is, what happened next “was even worse.” In July, his attacker was offered a lax plea deal that would only jail the culprit up to two years maximum and allowed him to remain out of jail until the date of his sentencing. Ultimately, the gunman only ended up with eight months when that date came.

Other victims testified, including a DC resident robbed at gunpoint in 2020. The criminal responsible received a similar lenient sentence. After that culprit was released pending a sentence, the resident said the criminal ended up robbing two more victims at gunpoint. These light-on-crime policies are affecting Democrat-run cities the same way across the nation.

A consistent theme throughout the hearing that Republican senators tried to impress upon their Democrat colleagues was the lack of serious consequences for violent criminals. Lawmakers in DC are well aware of this as some Congress members have also been “assaulted and carjacked,” as noted to the committee in the testimony of Gregg Pemberton, the DC Police Union chairman.

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