Viral Videos Show Alleged Ukrainian Use And Manufacture Of Chemical Weapons

( – As Zelensky treks around London asking for fighter jets, new viral videos of Ukrainians deploying and preparing potential chemical weapons from drones have gone viral, inspiring one Australian to ask “what the f*** are we funding?”

Denis Pushilin is the acting governor of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a breakaway independent region in the southeast of the country that has been fighting for its independence from Ukraine since a western-led coup in late 2013 installed the current regime. He spoke on Russian-language media announcing to the world report he’s received reports from officers in the field that Ukrainian troops have been using chemical weapons for the last two weeks.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment, citing a lack of access to “accurate information on the issue.” He suggested that the possibility was being investigated.

Rumors about Ukrainian forces using chemical weapons have been swirling on the internet since early January 2022, when another video showed soldiers in Ukrainian uniforms assembling drone bombs with and storing them in a refrigerator.

Despite multiple videos, major corporate outlets like Reuters (connected to pharmaceutical giant Pfizer) are claiming the allegations are unsupported by evidence. Have they bothered to look at the videos or ask experts on their staff about them?

Experts have suggested that the chemical is cyanogen chloride, a heavy gas that triggers unconsciousness and spreads along the ground.

Chemical weapons are expressly forbidden under a 1997 treaty called the Chemical Weapons Convention. Both Ukraine and Russia signed that treaty.

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