In Fairfax County, Virginia, in the shadow of the nation’s capital, the school board is poised to vote on whether or not to add “gender identity” to the list of protected groups covered by the district’s discrimination policies. The vote will come on May 7, following a proposal by school board member Ryan McElveen. McElveen claims that a recent ruling by Virginia’s attorney general grants the school board the authority to expand discrimination policies in this way.

“It’s critical for Fairfax County, as the largest school division in the state, to make the statement that we unequivocally protect, value, and embrace all of our students and employees for who they are,” McElveen told the Washington Post.

Naturally, not everyone feels so enthusiastic about the proposal. Two Republican delegates spoke up at a recent school board meeting to express their concerns. Robert Marshall and David LaRock say that the seven attorneys general before Mark Herring had all ruled that only the General Assembly was authorized to define new protected groups.

But the matter before the Fairfax County School Board is as much about changing values as it is about the letter of the law, and many parents are adamantly opposed to the change. Andrea Lafferty, the president of the Traditional Values Coalition, says that parents need to express their opinions before it’s too late. “Parents who object to exposing children to this confused behavior should not be forced to subordinate their sincerely held beliefs in order to accommodate the condition of a very small group of individuals.”

Tyranny of the Minority

Sigh. Where does it end? No, really. That’s not a rhetorical question. Because whether you’ve noticed it or not, we are deep into uncharted waters right now. The extreme left has gone mainstream, and they are pulling our society into the future with no apparent concern over where all of this leads. They are not only trying to redefine “protected classes” or “marriage,” they are trying to redefine immutable laws of nature and God. A term as benign as “mission creep” doesn’t even begin to describe what’s happening here.

Anyone with a heart can have sympathy and respect for a child or an adult with gender confusion. They didn’t ask to feel as though they were born with the wrong body parts. But there is a vast gulf between sympathizing with these people and giving legitimacy to their delusions.

This is what happens when we turn our backs on religion, tradition, and the collected wisdom of all those who have come before us. Contrary to what liberals think, humanity had a lot of this sorted out long before anyone alive today was ever born. Does that mean we stop learning? Does that mean we stop trying to make society better? Of course not. But we must not be so arrogant to think that every new idea is automatically better than every old one. Societal problems deserve to be debated, and all viewpoints should have a seat at the table. Christians and conservatives have to live in this society, too. Why are our opinions worth less?