Last Friday, courts struck down North Carolina’s voter ID law, claiming that it resulted in racial discrimination at the polls. The decision comes as many of the country’s voter ID laws are under similar scrutiny. Republicans insist that these laws help protect the integrity of our elections, but Democrats say they disproportionately affect black citizens and that Republicans are intentionally trying to keep black Americans from voting.

Duke University professor Dr. Kerry Haynie, in an interview with the school newspaper, said, “This voter ID law is reminiscent of the poll taxes and literacy texts of the Jim Crow Era. It is a case of intentional racial discrimination.”

This may seem like a shocking statement, but it’s no more or less than what most Democrats want us to believe. For some reason, they claim that it’s more difficult – if not impossible – for blacks and minorities to get simple forms of ID like a drivers license. Since this is the case, it is racially discriminatory to require those IDs at the polling plaza.

Obviously, this claim wouldn’t hold if there was widespread voter fraud, so Democrats have been careful to tell the country that this sort of fraud never occurs. It’s true that there are very few examples of that fraud, but that only means that they haven’t been uncovered. And since there are powerful forces in charge that do not WANT it exposed, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Besides, how would you ever detect it if voting is just a free for all in many states?

Now that the Democratic Party has blatantly turned its back on white, straight Americans, they must do everything possible to boost minority voting. They are perfectly willing to bus in illegal immigrants, encourage people to vote multiple times, and shatter our election laws to make this effort a success. And since they have loaded our country’s courts with liberal partisans, there is very little standing in their way. To state the obvious, no one in the mainstream media is going to point it out. And anyone who speaks out against this lawlessness is branded a racist, limiting vocal opposition in a very nifty way.

Referring to illegal immigration, Donald Trump has often said, “We either have a country or we don’t.”

That phrase can easily be co-opted to reference the left’s war on voter ID laws. The Democratic Party is slowly but surely undermining the rule of law in every facet of American life. If we ever want to take our country back, the time is now. If we wait much longer, all hope will be lost.