According to a new Politico survey, voters agree with the narrative of the mainstream media over the past week. Not that President Trump is somehow responsible for the violence in Pittsburgh or the mail bomber in Florida, but that he’s done more as president to divide Americans than to unite them. What’s extraordinary, though, is that Americans also recognize that there is one entity that’s doing it to an even more extreme degree: The national news media itself.

56% of voters believe that Trump has done more to divide than unite the country since taking office while only 30% believe the opposite to be true. But a full 64% of voters blame the national news media for dividing the country; only 17% think the media has done more to unite Americans than divide them. We can only assume those 17% actually work as Washington reporters.

As usual, the numbers on Trump are sharply along party lines. 88% of Democrats think Trump is a divider while 55% of Republicans think he’s done a good job uniting the country.

But when it comes to the news media, both parties recognize the reality. Only 28% of Democrats, 9% of Republicans, and 14% of independents think the media has been a uniting force over the last two years.

There may be no one in the country we’re more interested in talking to than the 9% of Republicans who think the national news media has done more to unite the country than divide us since Trump took office. Are these the Bill Kristols and the Jennifer Rubins of America? Did they not fully understand the question?

In any event, all of these pundits and reporters who have been lambasting Trump for the past week for his role in fomenting anger and hate across the country should take a long, hard look at this poll and recognize their own culpability. They’ve been on their highest of high horses since the mail bomber story broke; a sober look in the mirror ought to cut them down to size.

We’re not saying that CNN and the rest of them are any more responsible for this violence than Trump is, but they certainly aren’t doing anything to cool the national temperature.

On the contrary, they seem to be loving every minute of their ongoing “feud” with the president.