VP Harris to LEAD Newly Formed Gun Control Office

(TotalConservative.com) – President Joe Biden announced the creation of a new federal office last Friday and named Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee it.

Biden announced the Office of Gun Violence Prevention last week, which will be a coordinated effort between Everytown for Gun Safety, the Community Justice Action Fund (CJAF), and the White House. Everytown for Gun Safety is a nonprofit that advocates against gun violence and promotes gun control policies. CJAF is an advocacy coalition that supports urban community criminal justice reforms and the prevention of gun violence, specifically for black communities.

Biden said that the “entirety of the gun violence epidemic” won’t be solved by the various steps taken alone, but when efforts are combined “they will save lives.” He said the new office will “help rally the nation” to feel a “sense of urgency… seriousness, and purpose” to solve the issue of gun violence. Gun-related deaths in 2022 totaled nearly 49,000. Democrats have been sounding an alarm across the country, including a few senators in Tennessee who are pulling off theatrical stunts like marching a baby-sized coffin into their state capitol.

The new office that Harris will oversee will be in charge of coordinating a federal response to gun violence, including reaching out to survivors with physical and mental health services. Possible executive actions that the president could take to reduce the number of shootings will also be explored.

Harris commented on the appointment and praised university students who have led the charge pushing for gun control, stating that Biden and herself “continue to be deeply inspired” by them.

She was accompanied on stage by the first Gen Z congressman, Florida Rep. Maxwell Frost, who said they’re “a winning movement doing very difficult work.” Frost was one of the organizers of the March for Our Lives, which mobilized students in support of gun control after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He praised the president for “taking action.”

Most Republicans oppose the new office, viewing it as another sign that the government is trying to undermine the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling to amend the Constitution again to include gun control legislation, which only strengthens the argument from conservatives that gun control laws currently on the books are unconstitutional.

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