Well, it’s more apparent than ever that something truly heinous will have to unfold before liberal Democcrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media get the message.

Whether it’s Maxine Waters directly calling on the public to harass and confront Trump administration officials or media outlets portraying the “family separation crisis” at the border as the handiwork of a Nazi-esque president, someone is eventually going to get hurt. Badly. You can’t throw these incendiary bombs around without eventually lighting a fuse under some unstable nutcase who thinks – quite appropriately, according to the hysteria – that we’re living under a fascist, evil regime. And then what happens?

That’s what Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson should have considered before he poured fuel on the fire with his latest piece about the migrant situation. In one of the nation’s top newspapers – not Slate, not Salon, not some left-wing message board, but the Washington Post – Robinson said that the Trump administration was guilty of “kidnapping children” in an “ongoing criminal conspiracy.” He ultimately said that “somebody ought to go to jail” for the scandal.

One may recall that the Trump administration is doing nothing more or less than enforcing U.S. immigration law.

But sure, why not recklessly accuse these patriotic officials of kidnapping children? It’ll sell subscriptions and it’ll get Democrats out to vote. What else matters?

“Kidnapping children. Failing even to account for them. Sending families home to be killed. Give us your huddled masses, this administration seems to say, and let us kick them in their little faces,” Robinson writes.

Wow, drink the Kool-Aid much?

Does Robinson also consider it an act of “kidnapping” when police arrest parents of small children, thus forcing the kids to either find relatives to live with or be remanded to state care? Can he explain what the difference is, other than the fact that he is an open-borders liberal who does not believe it should be a crime and/or a deportable offense to illegally come to the United States? No, he cannot. Nor can any of his Democrat friends. They have manufactured this PR disaster out of thin air, relying on heartstring-tugging language and manipulated photographs to sell a case they don’t dare make in plain language.

To say it one more time: A vote for Donald Trump was a vote to FIX the mess that this country’s elitist, spineless politicians have made out of the immigration system. He would not have won without this issue. Building the wall and stopping the flow of illegal immigration was his number one issue, and it allowed him to trounce 16 other top Republicans in the primaries.

The Democrats – and even a good portion of the Republican Party – are trying desperately to fight a losing battle. The American people want this crap to come to an end. The elitists are terrified that we might get our wish. And they’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Including, pathetically, using rhetoric intended to incite violence.