The Washington Post Editorial Board unleashed a tearful rant against President Donald Trump this week, accusing him of lacking humanity for his “disgraceful” decision to use DACA amnesty as leverage for a better immigration policy. While the meat of the Post’s complaints did not particularly surprise us – they are, after all, the bloodiest of the bleeding-heart liberals, and bleeding-heart liberals love to love illegal immigrants – some of their arguments did. We weren’t aware that the left was actually going to oppose the end of abjectly insane U.S. policies like the Diversity Lottery, but apparently we made that old, damnable mistake once again: We underestimated just how fundamentally these liberals despise the United States.

From the Editorial Board’s regrettable piece:

Prodded by White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a nativist hard-liner, Mr. Trump has made clear that his price for helping the dreamers is steep — not just the wall and additional funding for border security but also an overhaul of the immigration system to end family-based migration and the visa lottery, whose beneficiaries are mainly from developing nations. That agenda is anathema to Democrats and would harm the country.

We’re not even going to bother getting into the Post’s argument for DACA amnesty, because it’s just more of the same liberal BS you’ve heard a thousand times. And besides, it’s nothing compared to this extraordinary claim they made in this paragraph. To be clear, they’re saying that ending the diversity lottery, ending chain migration, building the wall, and beefing up border security is an agenda that “would harm the country.”

Folks, this just proves that there IS NO COMPROMISE when it comes to these people. Their must be none. Their can be none. Their agenda, whatever it may be, has NOTHING to do with what’s best for this country. Best for a select group of booming businesses who make all of their profit from exploiting immigrant labor? Sure. Best for people who don’t belong in this country in the first place? You bet. Best for that grand, idiot ideology called multiculturalism? Mmm-hmm. Best of Islamists who want to change this country from the inside out (when they aren’t blowing it up)? Oh, you’d better damn well know it.

But it sure as hell isn’t what’s best for the American people.