The battle over immigration is heating up in the nation’s capital where the relentlessly liberal Washington D.C. city council has expressed support for extending voting privileges for non-citizens. “They are our neighbors and our friends and they want to see our city flourish, yet they have no say in how the city’s government is run,” said Councilwoman Elissa Silverman.

Hanging in the balance is a new law that would allow D.C. residents without American citizenship to cast ballots in local elections. According to Silverman, one in eight permanent residents are immigrants and only 30 percent of those immigrants have attained citizenship. “These are residents who are well on their paths to citizenship,” said Councilman David Grosso. “Unfortunately, not all of our residents have a say in the politicians who are elected to represent them.”

No, that’s true. Also without a vote? Children, the imprisoned, felons…

All of whom, incidentally, are U.S. citizens.

“This speaks to the fundamental fairness and justice of our democracy, and in particular our local democracy,” said Councilman Charles Allen.

The council is aiming this law at legal immigrants who have not yet obtained full citizenship, but the ramifications are clear. This is the first step in a growing movement to extend the privileges of citizenship to those who have not earned it. And don’t expect this to be one of those slow movements that gains steam over the next twenty years. Democrats can’t afford to wait. The entire battle over illegal immigration (and voter ID) is a leftist push for Hispanic votes. It will start locally and spread nationally. Unless there is widespread pushback, expect to see Democrats fighting for the national voting rights of illegals in less than a decade.


America may be a nation of immigrants, but there is a big difference between European immigrants and their third-world counterparts. No, people from Mexico and South America are not bad people. No, Europeans are not God’s gift to the world. But the fact remains that this country is built on Western principles not always shared by those who emigrate here from Hispanic countries. Until those immigrants can prove their commitment to the ideals and traditions of the United States, why would we want to give them a voice in our elections? Should we begin mailing ballots to Venezuela while we’re at it? To China? We’re all citizens of somewhere, right?

How insulting this movement must be to lawful immigrants who patiently worked their way to citizenship. How insulting to women and blacks, both of whom had to wait a long time to be granted suffrage. How insulting to Americans who believe there is something sacred and special about the right to vote.

If we don’t put the brakes on soon, we are going to sacrifice the fundamental backbone of our nation in service of the latest liberal whims. We are going to become a third world nation ourselves, looking back on what we had with a species of regret that Americans have never experienced. Nothing lasts forever, but we happen to believe there’s still some juice left in the greatest nation that ever graced the planet.

That is, if anyone still cares.