Watchdog Group Accuses DeSantis of Campaign Finance Law Crimes

( – A government watchdog group is alleging that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis violated campaign finance law when he communicated with a super PAC about TV ad spending decisions during his run for president.

In a complaint filed on Monday, Dec. 18, by the nonpartisan watchdog group Campaign Legal Center with the Federal Election Commission. Citing recent reports and other evidence, the complaint claims that the DeSantis campaign crossed a legal boundary in its level of communication and coordination with Never Back Down, a multi-million-dollar super PAC supporting the Florida governor’s campaign.

The watchdog group’s federal campaign finance reform director, Saurav Ghosh, claims that Never Back Down illegally coordinated “its election spending with a candidate’s campaign,” which “effectively” makes the PAC “an arm of the campaign.” This would circumvent “federal contribution limits and reporting requirements” and also grant “a concerning level of influence” to special interest backers “over elected officials” and policy decisions.

Andrew Romeo, a spokesman for the DeSantis campaign, said in a statement that the complaint by Campaign Legal Center was “baseless” and based on “unverified rumors and innuendo.” Romeo said the complaint serves as “another example” of how much the political left fears DeSantis and is willing to “stoop to anything to stop him.”

The attack comes as DeSantis is at a weak point. His campaign has struggled to climb in the polls as the Iowa caucuses draws nearer. Although he’s remained consistently in second place among the GOP candidates, former President Donald Trump remains leagues ahead of him and all the other Republican primary contestants. The turmoil of the campaign also resulted in several top-level strategists resigning from Never Back Down after publicly airing their grievances.

A report from earlier in December claimed that multiple sources close with the Florida governor’s political network say DeSantis and his wife have raised concerns about Never Back Down and the PAC’s messaging.

Although the complaint may be valid, it’s unlikely DeSantis will face immediate consequences, especially because FEC complaints often take many years to resolve.

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