The media is eager to make you forget, but the Democrats didn’t just start talking about impeaching Donald Trump last week. They didn’t start using the “I” word after the president fired Jim Comey. They didn’t start using it after this supposed “memo” surfaced – which, by the way, not a single reporter has seen or can personally testify to. And they certainly didn’t start talking about it after the appointment of a special counsel. No, no. They were talking impeachment long before Trump ever took the oath of office, and they’ve been gearing up for this day since he was elected in a stunning upset.

Oh, they tried to mask it. They tried to make it sound like they were going to give Trump a chance. That didn’t last long. It was just too damn obvious that they were lying through their teeth. They never had the slightest intention of working with President Trump; they wanted him gone from the moment he gave his election night speech. How DARE he and his ragged band of deplorables steal the election away from the well-groomed rightful heir to the crown? Oh, they were pissed.

And make no mistake about it: This isn’t just about Donald Trump. This is about anyone and everyone who had the audacity to support him. The Democrats and even elements of the GOP establishment are now getting ready to wage war on Trump’s legion of supporters. Or, to put it more accurately, they are preparing to finish a war they’ve been quietly waging for decades.

To the globalist neoliberals who have hijacked this country, America’s past is rooted in deep, racist, bigoted shame. And the future now belongs to the minorities. Which minorities? It hardly matters. They’re making up new groups with every passing year. The point isn’t to celebrate the culture of Western Africa or to make up for slavery or to right the wrongs inflicted on the gay community. None of that matters. The point is to wage a war on white, Christian conservatives. You may know them as the men and women who built the United States. To the New Liberal Order, they are the ONE TRUE EVIL, and they must be extinguished from the planet.

Ah, but they counted their chickens just a tad too early, didn’t they? They thought they’d already changed the country so fundamentally that there was no coming back. And then came Trump to prove that the silent majority was still very much around. That realization was too much for them to handle. Now they’ve regrouped and they’re ready to put the final nail in the coffin of the old, bigoted America they despise – starting with the president.

We’re watching nothing less than the murder of American democracy – a slow-moving coup already in progress. They see Trump’s victory as the last gasp of a dying empire.

If they succeed in throwing him out, they might prove themselves right.